Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Case Of Mistaken Identity

We're sitting in Mitchells in Market St enjoying some delicious scones and coffee. I'm reading through the programme of events for the St Andrews festival.

'Oh look', I say 'Frank Muir's talking about his new book at the library on Thursday evening as part of the festival and Book Week. Do you fancy going?'

'That would be good' says Marion 'I haven't seen him on TV for ages'

'No. It's years since he was on Call My Bluff ' I consult the pocket oracle that is the iPhone. 'Yes it last aired in 1988'

'He must be quite ancient by now. He was pretty old then. Remember his books? The kids loved them'

'Yes' I say ' The ones about a dog. An Afghan hound wasn't it?'

'That's right. What-A-Mess'

'Ah What-A-Mess, I remember. Have we still got them.'

'Yes' says Marion. 'Sarah's got them in Rose's room'

'Perhaps we could get him to sign them for Rose'

'Good idea. He must really be knocking on a bit though' I check the phone again. 'Hang on a minute. According to Wikipedia he died in 1998'

'Well you know how unreliable Wikipedia can be'

'No. He's definitely dead. He would have been 92 if he were still alive'

'So who is this impostor who's talking at the library'

'Seems he's a crime writer who sets his novels in St Andrews'

'Shall we ask him to sign What A Mess? ' says Marion