Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

When we decided to come and live in the caravan while the house in Framlingham was being renovated we expected to be here for about three months. Late summer and early autumn wasn't going to present us with any problems but now that the moving deadline has been extended to mid January we're a little apprehensive about what the weather's going to throw at us. 

This was the windscreen the other day when we woke up. We were warm enough in the caravan but this was a relatively minor frost. As it was a bright and sunny morning I decided to have a ride on the bike but when I started to go downhill while pedaling uphill I realised that the road was an ice rink and walked until I found a spot where the sun had melted it away.

This fox that I passed on the verge looked as if it had gone to sleep and frozen overnight although I assume that, despite no visible signs of injury, a motor vehicle was involved.

Watching The Antiques Road Trip on the telly recently has been a bit of a guilty pleasure. It's a fun little programme and it encouraged us to have a look around the Scottish Antique & Arts Centre at Abertyne between Dundee and Perth. It's a very nice antique centre and we had a good look for bargains and enjoyed a decent lunch in the restaurant. I used to deal in antiques on eBay and know a fair bit about ceramics so, when I saw this Gaudy Welsh jug from around 1830 for a fiver, my old dealing instinct made me buy it.

I've no idea what I'm going to do with it but I've got some books on this pottery (in storage) and seem to remember that this is a very rare pattern. No doubt when I get the books out of store I'll find out that it's not.

Being newcomers to Antiques Road Trip we were shocked tonight when we watched a recorded show and discovered that one of the regular experts, David Barby, had died. He was only 69 and seemed to be such a jovial and happy character. It really brings home to you how short life can be.

On a happier note, we went to see Silver Linings Playbook after leaving the antiques centre.  Following the misery of The Master last week, this was a real breath of fresh air. It may be predictable and cliched but it's a real joy and if you enjoy a love story as much as I do, don't miss this one. With charming performances from Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper as recovering depressives and Robert De Niro on top form as an OCD dad I thought it was a delight.