Saturday, 17 November 2012

I Feel Very Lucky

After yet another glorious day in St Andrews I can't help but feel that I am a very lucky man. Not only will we soon be living the fabulous Suffolk town of Framlingham but, whenever we feel like a break, we can head back up here to Fife and enjoy another beautiful little place. Today we simply went into the town centre for a coffee in the bustling coffee shop called The North Point and known to us by some strange but logical lateral thinking as where Harry met Sally (there's a sign in the window proclaiming it's where William met Kate). 

After that we had a look around the shops and bought this beautiful t light holder by Joia Glass for the Framlingham bathroom from Artery Gallery.

From then it was a stroll around the edge of the town which was looking its photogenic best today. It's a pity that I only had the phone with me as the light was just perfect for photos. What a super place it is.