Monday, 27 August 2012

That's More Like It

After two weeks that revolved around 1,000 mile return trips to Suffolk. we've had the luxury of a drive free couple of weeks to to look forward to since we got back from Framlingham in the early hours of Wednesday. Before we headed back we even enjoyed a few hours of glorious sunshine reading the Kindles on Aldeburgh beach.

Back at the caravan we've enjoyed the wildlife, managed some long walks and bike rides and enjoyed exploring a bit more of our temporary home county of Fife. 

Yesterday we headed out on a boat trip from the pretty coastal town of Anstruther to the glorious Isle Of May.

The weather could not have been more perfect despite a strong swell at sea. Duncan warned us to sit downstairs during the crossing and it was sound advice as some of the passengers on the upper deck were decidedly green at the end of the hour long crossing.

The Isle Of May is about six miles off the coast and has been inhabited for centuries - firstly by monks and then later by lighthouse keepers and now by just one or two wardens as it is an important nature reserve and home to hundreds of thousands of birds and large colonies of grey seals. As the hundred or so passengers spread out across the small island we were able to explore it in peace and take in the fantastic views and watch the seals and birds enjoying the balmy late summer sunshine. The island is very well maintained with footpaths clearly marked and useful information signs dotted around providing an insight into life on the little island and events from its history. We were so pleased to have made the trip and hope to do another one as there are times when thousands of puffins colonise the island, times when the seal population multiplies and days when the huge lighthouse is opened to the public.  If you visit Fife and have a day when the weather is set fair, take the May Princess - it's £22 well spent.

There is a visitor centre for shelter with toilets and a picnic area but there's nowhere to buy food on the island. We won't be going hungry in the next few weeks though. We decided to convert our last batch of Tesco Clubcard points into Pizza Express vouchers as they were converting every £5 into £20 - so now we've got £240 worth of pizza to look forward to - perfect for our non fasting days. We're still doing that fasting diet but I'm not saying how we're doing on here yet as it's too early days. 

The beautiful little church at St Monans is another site that we've been able to visit. It's in a spectacular spot.

We've another ten days here to look forward to before we head back down to Suffolk so we'll try and make the most of it with a couple of trips to the cinema (and Pizza Express of course). We went to see The Bourne Legacy this week. It's okay. Watching on a screen that wasn't a lot bigger than you see in some houses nowadays didn't give it the blockbuster feel that it really needs. I felt that the director had been told to make another Bourne movie and simply took all the scripts from the old Bourne films, cut them up, put them into a hat and pulled enough out to fill a couple of hours. Enjoyable chases, a complicated plot, glorious scenery and cinematography but nothing new. I'd leave it until it's out on Sky  if you haven't seen it yet.