Monday, 20 August 2012

Basking In St Andrews

Now that's a headline I never expected to write. We've had a caravan in St Andrews for over a year now and, although we've known it to be sunny quite a few times, never before have we had weather in which shorts and t-shirts were a necessity. Yet, for a few glorious hours over the weekend, the coast became the Costa Del Fife and we were able to stroll around the cathedral, the harbour and along to the castle and I was able to cycle one of my regular routes and come out of the wooded shade and hit a wall of heat. It was a super weekend and we even had the pleasure of taking Rose out for a couple of hours before the sun came out.

View towards St Andrews Harbour

Another harbour view

St Andrews castle

Ruined water mill in a woodland glade.

That was the weekend; today we've been back on the road yet again. 

As the sun rose we were crossing the Forth bridge en route to Suffolk - our builder wanted to know where we wanted all our electric fittings. We got there for 3.30 p.m and sorted the fittings as best we could - it's surprising how difficult it is. We have made an appointment to see our interior designer again tomorrow to make sure that we didn't make the 1,000 mile return journey just to configure a few plugs and sockets but tomorrow night it's another eight hour drive through the night.

I hope that the builder has enough to keep him busy for a couple of weeks now as I don't fancy doing the trip again next week. We're definitely going down again the week after as we're going to visit Paul and family in Rochester - we're really looking forward to seeing them all. We've booked a cottage and Sarah and Rose are going to join us for a few days as Sarah hasn't seen the new baby yet - it should be great. We can't wait.