Friday, 3 August 2012

No Time To Blog

I ended my last blog by saying that there was WIFI in the cottage we are renting so I could start blogging again; easier said than done! That was five days ago and since then our feet haven't touched the ground as we've been helping the family to settle into their new home together by doing errands and getting odd jobs done. There's been nothing major on the list but plenty of running around in the car to Limehouse and around Medway to get things together.

The Old Tuck Shop where we are staying was once, as it's name suggests, the tuck shop for the famous King's School which is just opposite the house. It's an ancient building that is reputed to date back to the 14th century and it has been restored by the owners to an excellent standard. It comprises just two small rooms - a living/kitchen/dining area and a bedroom with en suite bathroom but it is absolutely perfect for a couple. The bed is extremely comfortable, the kitchen is well equipped, the lounge is nicely furnished and it is full of character with crooked old windows and fabulous old beams and floorboards. The only negative has been the proximity of the school. Delivery lorries have been making shipments of provisions to the gate opposite the house from 6.30 a.m onwards. Fortunately we've needed to get up early this week but we may have struggled if we had wanted a lie in. Having said that, it's been so nice that we'll certainly come again if we need a place to stay if the house is full when we visit Paul.   

I fell asleep reading the Kindle the other night and it dropped to the stone floor. Here's how it looked the following morning. I phoned Amazon to ask about a repair and they agreed to replace it free of charge even though I had dropped it - how's that for excellent customer service?

Speaking of customer service, we'll see how Chanel do with theirs when they get this back. I bought this eau de toilette for Marion recently but it's gone all funny. Chanel told me to return it so I did and will wait for their response. Although I knew how the Kindle was damaged, I've no idea what happened to this.

It's back on the road again for us tomorrow as we head up to our caravan home in St Andrews where we hope to get a couple of days relaxing. We can't wait to see Sarah, Duncan and granddaughter Rose again. In the meantime, I'll leave you with a photo of Marion with our new granddaughter Catherine.