Wednesday, 15 August 2012

No Going Back

Well, if we ever had second thoughts about the renovations we planned for our new house in Framlingham, we can forget them now. We popped in to see our builder Roger during our flying visit to Suffolk yesterday and couldn't believe how much work he'd done in the four days that he's been working on the house so far.  

Here's the lounge, minus ceiling, coving and skirting boards. There was a fair sum in the budget for repairing the uneven upstairs bedroom floor but removing the lounge ceiling has revealed that the fault was merely a bowed beam that can be remedied quite easily.

Here's the kitchen minus ceiling and units.

And the en-suite bathroom minus everything.

They've made progress in blocking up our bedroom door and making an opening into the room we're going to convert to a dressing room.

The main bathroom is completely bare too.

So the house is now almost in the same condition as it was in its early stage of being built. It's great to see things moving like this and the builder has almost overtaken us and is wanting to know what we want by way of lighting, plumbing etc. Because of the distance involved we've taken on an interior designer. She's brilliant and has carried out some award wining projects including her own magnificent home which was given a two page spread in the Homes section of this week's Sunday Times. Although our little place may well be considerably smaller than the stuff she's used to working on, you wouldn't know it and she's been hugely attentive and very helpful. We started with a request for her to look at the colour scheme and window dressing for the downstairs but are now using her for advice and input on almost every room in the house. I always felt that good design was the secret to our business' success and I think that the same applies to decor.

Another 1,000 miles on the Prius resulted in the death of another 1,000 insects. I took the car to car wash this morning but even the gold wash option was unable to shift all the fauna embedded in the front of the car.

A day of relaxation today. We've missed seeing our St Andrews family while we've been away and are missing our Rochester family too. Paul posted some lovely photos of our beautiful new granddaughter Catherine on Facebook the other day, I'll see if I can get some copies to share with you on here.