Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Thanks For The Memory

We got back from our stay at the caravan on Sunday in time for me to start on Jury Service on Monday. I can't mention anything about that of course other than that I'm scheduled to be there for a couple of weeks.

Last night we decided that it was time for us to start dealing with all the paperwork in preparation for the sale of the house. We're using an online conveyancer (very pleased with the purchase will elaborate on which ones we used and recommend them on here if we're still happy after the sale); one of the benefits of doing everything online is that you can scan and upload all the answers to questions and copies of guarantees , planning certificates and all the documents needed for a smooth transaction. You can't say that we aren't thorough and we came up with twenty-nine pieces of paper in total which I diligently started to scan into a single multiple page document at around 10.30 p.m.

At just after midnight Marion asked me if I was still planning on coming to bed; 'Almost finished now' I was relieved to say as the screen asked me if I wanted to scan another page. I fed in the final sheet and pressed the scan button. The scanner whirred and started to copy. Thirty seconds later a warning flashed on screen to the effect that my memory was almost full. I sighed with relief that the final document was being processed but then watched in horror as a further message flashed up something to the effect that  "the application has quit unexpectedly"and the scanning application disappeared from the screen. It was now about 12.15 a.m. and almost two hours worth of scanning was lost. I vainly reopened the application but it was gone. So thanks for the memory (or lack of it) Mac. I can't really blame the Mac as I suppose I should have made the document a more sensible size and split it into several smaller ones. There's no feeling quite like the euphoria of finishing a pile of hard work being vapourised by an onscreen error message.

Oh well. It's all done now after getting up at 6.30 and working flat out before heading off to the court. At least it's a job out of the way.

I got home yesterday to find this lovely bouquet of flowers had been delivered with a box of chocolates and a bottle of fizz. They were sent by Sarah and Duncan as a thank you for the help with stuff in St Andrews last week. They really didn't need to send them but it was a very kind and generous gesture. We're pleased to hear that Sarah did very well with her Boden party so perhaps we'll be helping her with another when the autumn collection comes out.


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