Friday, 25 May 2012

Relaxing On The Costa Del Fife

After the hard work of the Boden party at the beginning of the week we had the chance to do a bit of relaxing yesterday and today. I had a couple of hours out with the metal detector and we've both managed to read a fair deal on the Kindles. Although I only found one very nice buckle with the detector, the lack of finds was more than compensated for by the glorious scenery and incredible weather which turned the Fife landscape into a scene of shimmering light reminiscent of holidays in Tuscany. I still found myself taking calls from estate agents, solicitors and the architect whilst in the middle of a field but at least these were positive calls - we completed the purchase of our new property in Suffolk.    

St Andrews really is spectacular in the sunshine. It's a lovely place at any time but when the sun shines it's pretty well unbeatable. 

The caravan site has been quiet all week so we've been able to sit on the decking reading in peace. I also found time for a bike ride of about fifteen miles this afternoon and I'm looking forward to cycling a lot more next time we are here. We've sent the architect a full breakdown of our plans for the property in Suffolk and we've found a gardener to keep on top of the garden in Framlingham before we move - now we just need to complete the sale of our house in Southport, appoint a builder and get cracking with the work. 

Exciting times.

It's a pity that I've been called up for jury service next week. That's something we could have done without.