Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Johnnie Boden, You Owe Us A Drink

The big event this week here in St Andrews has been Sarah's Boden party. We've all heard of Tupperware parties, Avon parties and Ann Summers parties where a group of friends gather together, share a few glasses of wine and some crisps and order a bit of make up, some kitchenware or something for the bedroom. Well a Boden party is on the same lines; except that, instead of a few boxes of cosmetics, sandwich boxes or vibrators arriving at the organiser's house, this is what turns up.

I should have said this is some of what turns up. There were also five clothes rails and a lot of boxes of promotional material and paperwork. Four of us worked flat out all Monday to get things ready and when we had finished Sarah's dining room had turned into a pop-up shop with samples of most of Boden's summer range.

Her bedroom was a changing room and her lounge had turned into an office. Once Sarah had baked a hundred cakes we were ready for the big day on Tuesday.

We were blessed with beautiful weather and I was given the job of minding the kids. Rose (left) was sporting her lovely Boden one piece suit and looked lovely in it. I have to say that the Boden clothes were very stylish and the women who came to the party all looked good in their choices. Marion bought a couple of new outfits and everyone who came gave Sarah an order which left her not too far short of the ambitious target that she'd been set.

Today it was back to Sarah's to dismantle everything and turn her shop back into a house. That kept us all busy until lunchtime so the party took up the best part of three days. So Johnnie Boden, if we ever meet, mine's a glass of red wine. Lets hope that Sarah's commission (when it arrives) makes it all worthwhile. 

Someone once told me that a bird crapping on your head is good luck. So that someone might say that I was unlucky when I heard something whistle past my ear yesterday and land with a splat an inch from my leg. Me? I prefer to think that the luck was on my side.