Wednesday, 16 May 2012


We're just back from Suffolk after a flying visit to Framlingham to meet the architect who is helping us to renovate the house we've bought and to discuss the plans with a potential builder. It's a major overhaul that we've got planned but the owners have emptied the house completely now and we were able to get a feel for the work in hand.

It's not an unattractive property from the front although all of the windows and the door need replacing. We hope that the new ones will be white and that the rendering will also be a different colour to the current yellowish hue although we haven't chosen what it is to be yet.

These windows in the lounge are going and are being replaced by two sliding folding doors that will take up the whole corner. The gas fire is going and we're having a chimney breast built and a stylish wood burner put in place.

All the ceilings in the house are going to come down and be replaced. We're having spots fitted to replace the current shades in the lounge and the radiator is going to be replaced with a good upright one.

This small dining room is being opened up into the kitchen and again the radiator will be changed for an upright.

And this window in the kitchen is being replaced by French doors and the wall into the utility room is being removed.

We were going to replace that wall at the far end and link back into the lounge but, having downloaded a CAD home design program we're not too sure if that will work and we may be left with too little wall space in the lounge for paintings and in the kitchen for units - so we're back to the drawing board on that.

This spare bedroom is being changed to have an alcove with wardrobes.

This bathroom is being stripped and redisgned.

As is this bedroom.

This bedroom is going to be a dressing room.

The garden needs to be developed.

We're planning to have a garden office at the end of the garden so we can use it to write in and to relax in in the summer and, hopefully it will be somewhere for the grandchildren to play when they visit.

This will be the view from the garden office.

And these are the views from the kitchen, lounge, garden and back bedrooms and the reason behind our buying this house. They say "location, location, location" and this location could not be better. The shops and all the attractions of Framlingham are within a five minute walk but in two minutes we can be walking into deep Suffolk countryside. The house is a challenge but if we get it right it's going to be worth it. It's a lot to ask but I'm confident that it can be done.

We stayed in the Brudenell Hotel in Aldeburgh on Monday night. This was our room. It was very classily furnished and styled and this too was a room with a view.

Some hotels tell you that they are a stone's throw from the sea but don't mention that it's a stone's throw for Hercules. The Brudenell is a stone's throw for the puniest of throwers. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner, an excellent breakfast and a very relaxing overnight stay before our visit to Framligham.

So that's where we're hoping to spend our retirement. Its a big adventure and a lot to take on (especially with 250 miles between properties) but we've plenty of time to get things right and I'll update our progress on here. You never know I might even get enough material for a novel out of it.