Saturday, 3 September 2016

Another Postcard From St Andrews

We're back in St Andrews for a couple of weeks visiting the family. It's been a very relaxing week and we've had some fairly decent weather so far. It hasn't quite been the temperature we've had Framlingham for the last month but it's still been warm enough to go without coats.

We've been to Alanhill Strawberry Farm a couple of times.

It's got a great little playground. Melody loves it.

She's really growing up and will be three in a few days

She misses her big sister Rose who is now at school

We've visited our favourite St Andrews spots - the harbour

I've photographed this view loads of times but I always love it

A rare photo of me

We visited MUSA (Museum Of University Of St Andrews) on Friday. There's a beautiful view from the terrace.

After MUSA we spent an hour at The Botanical Gardens

They've got a fabulous butterfly house now. (Quite impressed with the iPhone photo quality)

Rose is home schooled on Fridays so it was great to see her.

Today they visited us at the caravan and played with some of their mum's old toys and a house made by my dad for Sarah when she was little

Of course I've done a bit of detecting. With acres and acres of fields with views like this it's a detecting paradise

And I even found a couple of bits. A Medieval heraldic pendant and a Henry III half penny

A Henry III penny
Minted by Nicole in London
King John penny 
Minted by Iohan B in Canterbury

I did find another medieval silver penny but somehow managed to lose it in the field. Duh! I'll have to go back and try and find it. We've got another week in St Andrews and look forward to seeing more of the family