Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Back To An Indian Summer

We drove back from Scotland on Sunday. It was a good run and, with no hold ups, we managed to complete the journey in under eight hours. 

We had a very relaxing fortnight in St Andrews.

As you can see from this photo, we didn't have quite the weather that was being enjoyed back in Suffolk but it was mostly dry and very pleasant. Unfortunately our cycling was curtailed after somebody stepped out in front of Marion causing her to jam on her brakes, going over the handlebars and falling off her bike which was quite badly damaged. Fortunately Marion only suffered minor cuts and bruises and the accident only happened a short distance from the cycle repair shop so we were able to get it fixed but not, unfortunately, in time to do any more cycling while we were there.

The big event of our stay was granddaughter Melody's third birthday party. Sarah, as always, put on a lovely themed party for loads of kids. This time the theme was Super Barbie and we had a garden full of children in super hero capes.

It's always good to see our daughter Sarah. We miss her down here in East Anglia but we'll be seeing her again in a few weeks.

Little Melody with her cake

Sarah's Super Barbie cake

Marion with the birthday girl

Sarah trying out some Yoga moves with Rose in her new garden studio
We returned to Framlingham and an Indian summer and spent Monday getting on top of the garden which was badly in need of water. After a day's gardening it was time to get back into the exercise routine so we went to Fram Leisure for a HIIT class and a Pilates class. Followed by Body Blitz and Pure Core classes this morning we were ready to get on our bikes and take advantage of the sultry conditions.

We cycled to Orford via Snape Maltings for a coffee. It was a glorious day and the heat at Orford was stifling.

An Orford View

And another

It was so hot that, instead of sitting in the castle grounds for our picnic we decided to eat in this little shelter on the quayside.

Regular readers will remember that I found a super gold coin before we left Suffolk. Our local jeweller straightened out a bend in it for me and it's now as good as new. It's a lovely coin and quite valuable - estimated by a coin dealer friend at between £700 and £800. I'm off to see the landowner soon to give her the good news.

Henry VI Quarter Noble