Monday, 29 August 2016

Now That's What I Call A Good Week

If I'm honest, every week is a good week for me. I've been very lucky and I hope that my luck continues for my remaining years. So what made this week special? 

Well, firstly, there were two very nice envelopes received from the tax man. Many thanks to Ian our accountant from Turner And Ellerby for completing our returns so quickly. We knew that refunds were due but didn't expect them for another month or two. 

On the writing front, thanks to Caroline Goldsmith of Goldsmith Publishing, who carried out a super edit, I felt confident enough to start submitting my second novel to agents for consideration. I'm doing this one agent at a time so my first choice has it now and, if I get rejected by him I will work down the list.I'm happy with the book but there's a hell of a lot of competition and I'm not daft enough to think I'm another JK Rowling.

On Saturday it was time to end our summer holiday at home and drive up to St Andrews to visit our Scottish family. It was brilliant to see Sarah and Duncan and our lovely granddaughters Rose and Melody. Rose started school a couple of weeks ago - how time flies.

We saw Sarah's new summer house for the first time and had a busy day yesterday helping her and Duncan to paint it and put up some shelves. Sarah was busy today so I had a chance to get out on my bike.

I've got about five circular routes from the caravan. All have lovely views and today I chose to ride to Pitscottie and then to Strathkiness via Dairsie and back to Craigtoun. This is the view from the top of the climb from Dairsie. Conditions were perfect. Hopefully we'll get more opportunities to cycle while we are here. 

After writing about some scrappy coin finds last week, I managed to get out with the detector again on Friday before we left Framlingham and struck gold for the first time this year.

Apart from a bend, this Henry VI Gold quarter noble is in lovely condition.
I've  taken the coin to our local jeweller to be straightened out. I'll show you the results in a few weeks.

It wasn't my only find as I also found this tiny Edward I silver farthing 

This silver 3d is from the reign of William & Mary - not very good condition.

Sometimes a lump of lead is not just a lump of lead.
When I found this it seemed to be just a misshapen piece of scrap but I noticed traces of a pattern and decided to carefully open it out. Lead is very soft and straightens easily.

I was very pleased to reveal this medieval pilgrim's ampulla or holy water container.

The final find was this nice bag seal from the reign of George I

This was probably the best couple of hours' results I've had for a few years. Now I'm in Scotland I'll see if I can match it. I hope to get out in the fields later this week.