Thursday, 11 August 2016

On Suffolk Skies, Snape Proms And Metal Detecting

Suffolk is famous for its big skies and the view from our garden is one that changes constantly. On Sunday the weather was scorching and we had this beautiful clear blue sky at the end of a long lazy day in the garden.

On Monday we headed to Snape Maltings for their comedy prom and, during the interval, we were treated to a glorious sunset.

Barry Cryer and Colin Sell provided the entertainment and it was a fun evening of old fashioned jokes and a few ditties presented in a near music hall style. I've now got scores more daft new jokes to try on friends (and quite a few old ones too).


Tuesday evening saw us back at Snape for Clare Teal and her mini big band. This is the second time we've seen Clare. She's a wonderful singer and has bags of personality. Her band was a group of seven very talented musicians and we were entertained for two hours with a wide ranging repertoire of songs including a fabulous version of Hallelujah. Do go and see Clare if you get the chance - you won't be disappointed.

I don't usually moan or criticise but we booked a meal in the restaurant before the show. The view is fantastic and the waiting staff are great but I felt that the food was a bit of a let down. If we had had it in the self-service cafeteria at cafeteria prices it would have been okay but I expected the restaurant food to be a bit better for £30 per head. Moan over.  

While at home I've been busy with the book again. I think I've finished for the time being but there's bound to be more to do soon. I also went to Bury St Edmunds on Tuesday to visit a business owner who I mentor with financial advice for Suffolk Chamber Of Commerce. While I was in Bury I popped in to the Archaeology Services to see if they had finished with any of the finds I left with them in February for recording.

They gave me this lot back. So I decided to update the displays in the office. 

The cabinets are now full (over full really) and the printer's tray too has no room left. So I wondered what to do. I've got a small set of IKEA drawers in the office so I decided to put them to use.

Now there is just this lot to deal with. And, the stuff I left with the archaeologists. And then there will be this week's finds too. Although there has not been a lot this week (yet).

A cut half medieval penny.
A full medieval penny (unidentified)
A couple of old buckles, a pot mend and a window came

A silver mustard spoon hallmarked 1814
Silver cuff links c1720