Monday, 25 July 2016

The Holiday At Home Continues

It's harvest time here in Framlingham this week and we've been watching as the combine harvesters and tractors have been buzzing around the fields behind the garden. It's not exactly the most peaceful time but the work's got to be done and, on the positive side, when it's all over I might get chance to get out with the metal detector - it's been languishing in the garage for a couple of months now.

Living close to nature

The spell of glorious weather has continued throughout the week and the exercise classes at Fram Leisure have seen us at near melting point. It's a good job that we've been doing the classes though as the weather has been very conducive to lazing around in the garden and drinking wine or popping down to The Dancing Goat for a cappuccino and cake. (Marion has just pointed out that it is me that has been doing the lazing about - she has been busy gardening). On Wednesday night we went to Framlingham Wine Shop for the regular wine tasting and tasted some very fine wines at very reasonable prices. 

Yesterday we decided that conditions were perfect for a bike ride. For keen cyclists I'm embarrassed to say that this was one of very few ventures out on the bikes so far this year.

We didn't go far before stopping for a breakfast of cappuccino and pain au raisin at 221b in Framlingham. After that it was time to get on our way and we went from the bakery past the castle.

The castle was as photogenic as ever in the bright morning sunshine.

Before long we were out into open countryside with only the birds and the butterflies for company. We headed from Fram to Cransford and then on to Glemham before crossing the busy A12 and through Tunstall Forest to Orford.

We enjoyed some lemonade and home made sausage rolls at the cafe on the seafront at Orford and then went for a look around an Antique fair that was being held in the village hall. After that it was time for a well earned ice cream and to sit beneath the magnificent castle where we attempted to complete Saturday's Times Jumbo Crossword.After a long run of successes we failed miserably this week - may have to cut back on that wine.

Marion at the castle.
Duly refreshed from our stopover in Orford we headed back towards Framlingham at 3 o'clock. Despite our relaxation, the return journey was much harder and we were pretty saddle sore when we rolled back into Fram at four thirty five and poured ourselves a well earned glass of chilled cider. It must have been a pretty exhausting day as we woke up this morning at almost ten compared to the usual eight.