Thursday, 28 July 2016

Ghostbusters At Cineworld And My First Detecting Outing Since The Harvest

The heat wave has continued here in Suffolk for most of the past week and we've enjoyed our time in the sunshine. However there was a break in the sunny weather yesterday and we took advantage of the showers and went to Cineworld in Ipswich.

Our film choice was the latest Ghostbusters. The original was a big favourite with the family in the 80s and we were interested in seeing the remake. It was very much a remake and, whilst it was not particularly original, it was good fun. The four women Ghostbusters all played their roles well and we enjoyed the cameo performances from the original cast. It was interesting to see Chris Hemsworth taking the role of dizzy blonde receptionist - it rammed home how patronising to women some of these roles are. I wouldn't particularly recommend the film but it will make you smile when it comes on TV. For me the final credits with Hemsworth leading a tremendous dance routine to the original and the new Ghostbusters  themes was the highlight of the movie.

We didn't feel like cooking last night so we drove to nearby Brandeston and had a decent meal at The Queen.We've been a couple of times now and it's a very friendly pub with a nice atmosphere and good service. They have a six course tasting menu on the second Thursday of each month so we've booked in for the 11th August and are really looking forward to it.

With the harvest in full swing I decided to drive to a local farm and ask if it was okay to have a try with the detector. 

When I got to the field it was full of oilseed rape stubble. As successful detecting involves swinging the detector as close to the ground as possible, the conditions were not exactly ideal but I gave it a go.

This was what turned up. It's mostly junk but it kept me busy. After looking through it, all here are the sorted finds. 

Jetton or token
The usual array of musket balls

Medieval bronze vessel rim fragment

Small medallion Our Lady Of Boulogne (not very old)

A spindle whorl and two coper alloy rings - all probably medieval

Probable medieval haress pendant
Lead scrap
Medieval buckle fragment
None of this is particularly exciting but I did make one really good find (below). This is a medieval harness pendant dating from the 13th or 14th century. It is a rare shape and it is very rare to find one of these with the pendant still swivelling freely within its frame. It made the hours of difficult detecting worthwhile.