Sunday, 17 July 2016

It Was Forty Years Ago Today.

And we haven't changed a bit.

Well that's what I keep telling myself as I inspect yet another grey hair, wrinkle or liver spot. But hey, you're as old as you feel and I have to say that both of us feel just as young at heart as we did on 17th July 1976 when we tied the knot at Chatham Registry Office and followed it up with a great reception organised by Marion's mum and dad at the local scout hut. I think the whole event cost less than people spend today on the invitations but that didn't take anything away from the day for us. For us the most important thing was that we were starting off on a life together.

And so far it's been a great life (I hope that Marion agrees). It's hard to believe that, forty years on, we've got two fantastic children and four super grandchildren. I wonder if I'll still be around to blog about great grandchildren - I certainly hope so as I'm not planning on departing this mortal coil anytime soon (not that I've got any control over that.)

So how are we spending this momentous event? Big family get together in a country house? Slap up dinner somewhere posh? Nah. Marion's busy washing her hair, I'm faffing around on the laptop and, if the sun stays out, we may walk down to the Station Hotel here in Framlingham and listen to the music at the beer festival they're running today. Like that first day of marriage, there's no need for grand gestures. We're together and, to be honest, that's all that matters. 

Here's to the next forty with the best wife in the world.