Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Multi-Tasking In Framlingham And Kent

It's been quiet on this blog for the past week as we've been keeping ourselves very busy and time has been in short supply. We've been doing a bit of voluntary work in Framlingham helping some elderly people with form filling and shopping. The shopping is easy but the form filling can be extremely complicated. We've got to the stage where we could almost call ourselves experts in Powers Of Attorney, Attendance Allowance and various other bureaucratic paperwork. Powers Of Attorney are brilliant things and really help the partners of  those with dementia - ( A word of advice; make sure you sign one as early as possible as you never know when memory loss can turn into something much worse and by that time it may be too late to sign). We've done ours so we can relax knowing that if we lose our marbles our kids can take over managing our affairs for us. Form filling is fine but the human story behind each form is often difficult to handle and not every decision goes the way that you would like it to.

Last weekend we drove down to Kent to look after our granddaughter Catherine while her mum and dad and baby brother went to a wedding in Lancashire. We had a great weekend babysitting and the time simply flew by.

On Saturday we took her to the English Festival near Chatham. The Riverside park was filled with stalls, and there was live entertainment and, of course, a funfair. Catherine had a wonderful afternoon and I was even roped into going down the helter skelter with her.

On Sunday she had a horse riding lesson. She was given her favourite horse (Jacket Potato) to ride and she loved her half hour of trotting quickly and slowly around the paddock.

We bought her a bubble gun at the English Festival and she had hours of fun with it (well, minutes really as the bubble solution doesn't last too long at the rate she was using it). We took her to school on Monday morning and then had a day in Rochester before driving back to Suffolk when the family got home. 

Although she's only three Catherine is extremely grown up. When we told her that she couldn't do two things at the same time, she disagreed. "I'm multi-tasking" she said. 

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