Sunday, 13 December 2015

They've Done It Again!

It's only a couple of weeks ago that I told you about the amazing coup pulled off by those wonderful people at Slice Of Life Fram in bringing Edinburgh Fringe favourites Daphne to our local church hall and here I am gobsmacked once more having spent an hilarious evening at FAYAP (Framlingham Area Youth Action Partnership) last night watching more side splitting comedy brought to us by Councillor Spadge and his team.

First on stage was ex Cambridge Footlights member Jonny Lennard whose set included a deadpan deconstruction of The Owl And The Pussycat  that had us in fits. In a wonderful forty minutes or so he flitted from his Newcastle accent (or lack of) to his finger hold on the housing ladder taking all sorts of weird and wonderful sidetracks (including some insightful and cleverly surreal life facts) along the way (the average parent has one ovary and one testicle). Jonny's take on children's stories is one that, if adapted by all parents, would make bedtimes around the country very interesting indeed. 


Jonny was a hard act to follow but we were spoiled yet again with another hilarious set from another ex Footlights performer Pierre Novellie whose Italian, South African, Manx (but not French) background provided material for a whole host of gags including a brilliant tale of Santa arriving at Pierre's fortified childhood home in South Africa after negotiating the 40,000 volt electric fence.His degree in Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic studies led to a fabulous enactment of a conversation between a Viking warlord and an English missionary monk that reminded me of Bob Newhart at his very very best.

I can't praise Slice of Life highly enough for bringing such intelligent and funny comedy to a small Suffolk market town. We can't wait for their next production which is, I believe, something extremely different.

We've had a relatively quiet week at home in Framlingham. It was beautiful on Wednesday so I had another play with the iPhone camera and took this shot of the castle which I'm quite pleased with.

When I looked at my Google Plus photos recently I noticed that they had applied special effects to a couple including this recent shot of St Andrews' cathedral.

We finished all our Christmas shopping in Norwich on Friday. It's a great city to visit and we enjoyed a glass of wine and a snack at the Picture House which is located in a wonderful old merchant's hall. We would have stayed and watched a film but we'd seen what they were showing so headed back home. We chose a very unfortunate time as an accident shut the main A140 in both directions and there was over an hour's delay. At least we were not as unfortunate as the people involved. 

I like to try and thank the farmers who allow we to indulge in my detecting on their land so I went out this morning and visited a couple of farms with some wine and a card. As an extra this year, I made up some books. Most farmers are interested in what turns up in their fields but they are often out when I visit so I decided to give them a permanent record.

I made up these books on They run to 32 pages and outline some of the finds that I have made on their fields over the last three years.

Here are a few sample pages. I am pleased to say that the farmers were so pleased with them that one asked if I could get another copy. I've just ordered it and hope it arrives in time for Christmas.