Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Mouse Is Not Just For Christmas

A mouse lived in a caravan in a St Andrews park

And when we arrived there? Oh what a lark!

He'd made himself welcome inside Marion's slippers

And eaten the towels with his little nippers.

After eight hours' drive to our Christmassy break

There's only so much mouse s**t a camper can take.

What fun we had in sweeping the floor

But less fun for him when he finds what's in store

We gave him one chance with two traps humane

But he just pinched the bait - we'd left them in vain.

So fifty quid lighter - let's hope it pays

The van now resembles a mouse Crystal Maze

There's ultrasound, plastic and nasty spring traps

May that be the end to the mouse and his craps.

As you will have guessed, we are up in the caravan in Scotland to see the Scottish branch of the family in St Andrews for Christmas. We worried that the closure of the Forth Road Bridge would add hours to the journey but we went via Kincardine and had five minutes delay at most. We drove past Appleby on the way up and the floods looked devastating.

That mouse can't have been in the caravan too long as the damage is minimal and there were maybe fifty or so droppings but the site closes for a month soon and a family of mice could wreak havoc in that time with so much nice bedding and upholstery to work on. It's no fun sleeping in a confined space and wondering what vermin are running around. 

In honesty I really don't like killing anything but we gave him a chance with the humane traps and he just waved two fingers at us. I've given him the best chance by putting the humane traps closest to where he's been busy and if he (or they) have got any sense they'll get in there and I'll take them to a nice field tomorrow. Otherwise it's a messy end in store. 

Our granddaughters Rose and Melody have made us a Christmas tree to make our visit a bit more festive.

There's no internet as usual so we're back in the (very very quiet) Students' Union enjoying their WIFI in a mouse free environment. 

Before I go, here's a Christmas present for you. My book is free on Kindle until tomorrow. Download by clicking the following link and enjoy a little bit of winter sunshine.