Thursday, 17 December 2015

Gross Out Time At The Movies And The Detecting Season Goes On (And On)

Marion's brilliant organisational skills coupled with a cancelled weekend visit has left us with time on our hands this week. The presents are all wrapped and we are all set to go on our Santa run to Kent to deliver the family's gifts this weekend before heading to St Andrews for the festive season. I wasn't relishing December nights in the caravan but the weather forecast indicates that we won't be in danger of freezing.

We've done the usual exercise classes at Fram Leisure and on Tuesday had this week's cinema visit to Cineworld in Ipswich.

Our film choice was Sisters. It's the sort of gross out comedy like Badass and The Hangover that you usually associate with American men behaving badly. What makes it original is that, this time, it's women behaving badly and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are very funny in their roles as the eponymous sisters of the title. I'd like to say that I loved this film but as I haven't really loved any gross out movies it's perhaps unsurprising that I didn't. Like The Hangover it does have its hilarious moments but they were too far apart to make it a classic - it relies on some pretty base schoolgirl humour and some filthily inventive swearing for too many of its laughs. Mind you, we were perhaps forty years older than the rest of the people in the screen so maybe we weren't the target audience. By the way, everyone else in the audience (including Marion) seemed to love it.

Last night we tried The Castle Inn here in Framlingham for the first time since new landlords Tony and Jennie took over a few months ago. We were there for the regular quiz but went early to try the menu. I had a very nice steak and kidney pie and Marion had scampi and chips. It was decent pub grub in pleasant surroundings and Tony and Jennie were very welcoming. I hope the venture is successful for the couple. As for the quiz, our team Danbury Metal Detecting Club (well it is Lance and Andy's local) came a respectable second.

The warm weather has extended the detecting season again and I've had a couple more visits to the fields. I took a friend with me and I think he enjoyed his couple of hours tramping around a muddy field. Here's what turned up.

Medieval Cut Quarter Penny
Antwerp Coin Weight C17th Century
Unusual Watch Winder c19th Century
Post Medieval Spectacle Buckle
These copper alloy rings are probably Medieval
Medieval Buckle Frame.
Post Medieval Clasp
Medieval Penny
Metal Working Waste - Probably Medieval
Victorian Thimble Engraved "Forget Me Not"