Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Another Giveaway

In the four and a half months since I published Give Me Your Tomorrow I've been encouraged by sales and extremely encouraged by feedback by way of reviews and comments from readers but, without the backing of a publisher's publicity machine there's not a great deal that an independent author can do to keep a book in the spotlight without breaking the bank. So I am trying a short promotion offered by Amazon Kindle to all who enrol in Amazon KDP Select. This allows me to offer the book for free download for a maximum of five days. This promotion begins tomorrow 23rd October and ends on Monday 27th.

Apologies to readers who have invested a couple of pounds in buying the Kindle Edition but I am sure that you will appreciate the competition I am up against and the benefits that a jump in circulation could bring. Obviously if hundreds download the novel and hate it (and say so by way of reviews) it's a giveaway that could backfire but I am reasonably confident that this won't be the case as the reviews already written are genuinely independent comments. 

So, please spare a moment to tell your friends or anyone you know with a Kindle or ebook reader and pass on this link. Remember, the promotion starts tomorrow and runs until Monday. I will let you know how the promotion goes.

In other news, our babysitting in Rochester continues. We're only looking after our little granddaughter for two days a week for the next week or two and we went on Monday and spent a very happy time with her. We enjoyed playgroup on Monday and Toddler Boogie on Tuesday and Marion spent the rest of the time playing with her with (amongst many other things) Duplo and a set of Peppa Pig figures which she absolutely loves. Catherine insisted that I take a photo - so here it is. I cooked a roast dinner on Monday and I must mention Hall Farm Butchers in Framlingham who provided the fabulous beef that made it such an enjoyable meal. 

I should also mention Camel Footwear. I bought a great pair of Camel Active boots last winter. The laces became worn and I couldn't find replacements anywhere (they are quite a distinctive colour which matches the stitching). I emailed Camel service in Germany and asked them to tell me the name of a stockist and, just a few days later, I received a pair of laces free of charge. In these days of tight profit margins I imagine that the cost of a pair of laces plus postage and packing to the UK would almost eliminate their original profit on the boots so thank you Camel Active for your excellent service.