Thursday, 2 October 2014

400 New Homes In Framlingham

Photo from GoPhoto Website
A planning application has been submitted to build 163 new homes on a greenfield site here in Framlingham. Now I am not  a NIMBY and I know that people have to have homes to live in but there are already a further two developments approved and if this one goes ahead there will be almost 400 new homes in the town.

400 may not seem a big number but if each has just two occupants that will be 800 more people. In the 2011 census the town's population was 3,086 so it doesn't take a mathematical genius to work out that 800 new Framlingham citizens would be an increase of 25%. Imagine Ipswich planners receiving an application to increase the town's size by 35,000 people! I know that that sounds silly but everything is relative - increase a towns population by 25% without increasing facilities, roads, sewage, water etc, etc and you have a blueprint for disaster.

I very much hope that those responsible for deciding on this application will make a sensible decision and say "Enough for the time being. Let's see the impact of the other two developments before taking a step like this."

If you want to see a bit of the town, tune in to The Detectorists on BBC4 tonight at 10pm. It was filmed here during the summer and I'll be very interested to see which locations were used.

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