Monday, 25 August 2014

Last Week's Finds

I had three sessions out with the detector again last week. The field that I have been searching is due to be planted very soon so I'm going to keep trying there until it's not available even though the good finds are, understandably, starting to decline. 

Although looking at all this (over 180 bits) that I tipped out of the finds bag when I got home after each outing it's clear that there is still plenty of stuff to be found - any one of these items could have been something interesting rather than the scrap lead which has been predominant in the last three trips. I would love to know why so many tiny lead fragments turn up in fields. 

Here are close ups of some of the finds from these piles.

Damaged post medieval double loop sword belt hanger 

Victorian silver Torquay souvenir brooch
Queen's IV Dragoons button c1790

Musket and pistol balls

Lead pot mends

Post medieval pimple button and stud

Copper alloy vessel fragment

Post medieval button with rose design

Post medieval lead button
Spindle weight
Freemason button
Royal Artillery Button c1800
Damaged post medieval spectacle buckle
13th Century Medieval cut quarter penny - either King John or Henry III 
Medieval cut half penny 13th century
Charles I rose farthing c1630

Southwold token "A half for the poores (sic) advantage" 
Medieval buckle or brooch
Lead cloth bag seal post medieval
18th or 19th century clog clasp
French Dauphine type jetton from South Eastern France c1373-1415 sadly plough damaged.
This dog or cat tag "Boots" has the local newsagents' Fax number on it. Hopefully Boots only lost his or her collar.
A good post medieval complete double disc type lead cloth bag seal with SR initials 
This lead fragment may be a stylus