Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Trip To The Movies At Last

This glorious summer does have its drawbacks - the near constant dry and sunny days have meant no time for cinema, one of our favourite pastimes. So, with heavy rain forecast yesterday, we took advantage of the break in the weather and drove to Ipswich for the 11.30 showing of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. It was good to be back at the movies and, for once, we sat through a pile of trailers that we hadn't already seen three times. Although the film is ostensibly about a clash between humans and apes in a dystopian not too distant future it is really an allegory on good and evil. The message that not all humans (for that read any aggressor nation you care to pick) are bad and that not all apes (for that read any victim nation or race you care to choose) are good was hammered home in a very obvious way. It didn't spoil the film but it did feel very much as if we were being given a history lesson. 

The film is visually stunning and the cgi apes quite convincing - a good way to spend a rainy Thursday lunchtime.

For the rest of the week we've been getting on top of the garden and Marion has been planning lots of new ideas for it for the next planting season. I've been doing a bit of my business mentoring but overall we've had a relatively relaxing week. We're off to London for the weekend to see the highly acclaimed The Crucible at the Old Vic. We've just discovered that the return trains tomorrow are stopping at Colchester and being replaced by buses so we're driving down to Colchester and travelling to London from there.

Having a relaxing week involves, of course, a few hours out with the detector. After searching the field I've been on recently I would expect the finds to start drying up but there are still plenty turning up.

This was what I tipped out of the finds bag last time. And here are some of the individual pieces.

Medieval Vessel Mend

Tiny Post Medieval Thimble

Charles I Rose Farthing

This one has me stumped. I am sure it is Medieval. Looks a bit like a dagger scabbard fitting.

A Late Or Post Medieval Jetton 

Don't Know What Percy Allen Of Framlingham Did. I Know That There Was A Shop - A Saddler Perhaps

A Damaged Queen Elizabeth Silver Penny

Another Charles I Rose Farthing

A Medieval Cut Half Penny Probably Henry III

A Mixture Of Bits And Pieces. The Bottom Left A Fragment Of An Old Silver Coin

There's nothing spectacular here but it's all very interesting and I will be taking it to Bury St Edmunds for recording in a few weeks time.