Sunday, 11 May 2014

On The Road Yet Again (Almost)

It only seems like five minutes since we arrived here in Scotland and today we’re packing up in preparation for the drive back to Suffolk tomorrow evening. It’s been very much a family week and we’ve seen a lot of Sarah, Rose, Melody and Duncan.

The weather has been a bit grim in the main but we did manage to get out on our bikes once. The St Andrews area is perfect for cycling and we visited all the familiar landmarks that help to make it such a fabulous place. We’ve been out for lunches with the family at Kellie Castle and in Dundee and to Zizzis and Balgove Larder here in St Andrews and this afternoon we’re going to head down to the new Hotel Du Vin on the seafront to see what that’s like. I’m not expecting any miracles in the football so won’t be seeking out a bar showing Liverpool’s game but if by any chance West Ham take a miraculous lead in Manchester I may be tempted to change my mind.

We won’t be back here until July so I imagine that there will be more huge changes in Melody by then. She’s changed so much since we were last here just a few months ago.

Here’s a selfie she took on my phone.

The playground here at the caravan park is perfect for little ones. Perhaps when we return in the summer one (or even both) of the girls will be able to sleep here for a night or two and give their mum and dad a well earned rest – they certainly deserve one.

We’ve another busy schedule ahead when we’re back in Suffolk. We’ve got a bit of babysitting to do in Rochester on Wednesday and then we’ve got the FramSoc supper at the college on Friday and friends visiting us for the weekend too. Their last visit in May 2013 was aborted at the last minute due to a crisis – let’s hope that we can enjoy their company this time and that the weather allows them to see our new home county at its best.