Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Life In Fife

After a bank holiday weekend that saw almost every caravan here at Craigtoun Meadows full and the park echoing to the sounds of children at play, we’re alone again now. I don’t want to sound like an anti-social old man but I prefer it this way – peaceful. Another advantage is that there is some vestige of an internet signal although even now I have to write this in a word document and upload it when we go to Sarah’s.

It’s been a nice couple of days with the family. I’ve said it a hundred times but buying the caravan was such a good move and has meant that although we have not seen our daughter and family as much as if we lived around the corner we are at least managing to see them for a good couple of months each year; life is so complex in the twenty first century with families spread hundreds (and thousands) of miles apart resulting in so many grandparents missing out on their grandchildren’s childhood so we’ve been lucky.

Little Melody is now almost eight months old. She isn’t crawling yet but she’s extremely interested in everything that’s going on.

Her big sister Rose is so grown up. She’s almost three and we’ve had a great time with her. On Monday she helped us to cut the rhubarb in Duncan’s vegetable plot and yesterday I looked after her while Marion and Sarah did some shopping in Dundee. She was very good while I read to her but she also enjoys exploring and when she decided to run around and explore the shopping centre it was quite hard to keep up with her and, loaded down with a colourful rucksack full of baby paraphernalia I became a bit of a cartoon granddad chasing her around the displays to make sure I didn’t lose sight of her. Oh well, I needed a bit of exercise.