Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I'm So Excited

On the long long journey back from Scotland last night I turned to Twitter while it was Marion's turn to drive to see if I could catch up on what's been going on in Framlingham while we were away. A tweet from the excellent @aboutfram girls Sarah and Kathy caught my eye - something about a cinema in Framlingham. A cinema? In Framlingham? If you know me and Marion you'll know how much we love going to the pictures and how we travel regularly to Aldeburgh, Woodbridge and Ipswich to get our fix of the big screen. 

A cinema in Framlingham would be a dream come true. "What about film@fram?" I hear you ask. Well, I know that our local film society has been going for a long time and shows some fairly decent films but let's face it, Framlingham Conservative Club is hardly a theatre of dreams or electric picture palace. It has the atmosphere of ..........well, a Conservative club. We tried it once, great film, shame about the place.

A bit of further investigation led us here , a site proclaiming "Soho Arthouse Cinema Comes To Framlingham". Okay so there may perhaps be a bit of poetic license in that but anyone trying to show decent films in Framlingham has our backing to the hilt. We logged onto the site and checked out the films that they are planning to screen. We've seen most of them but that doesn't mean that we won't be supporting the venture and we've already booked our tickets for Cinema Paradiso on 19 July - it's a brilliant film but we haven't seen this director's cut which runs for almost three hours. For the very reasonable price of admission the organisers are including a glass of fizz AND a simple Italian meal. That's a bargain. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this venture will be supported by the people of Framlingham and that Cinema Paradiso is the first of many films screened in this, yet to be announced, secret barn location. 

It was almost 1.30 a.m when we arrived home from the drive (thanks to roadworks shutting the A14 and giving us a twenty minute diversion) and we didn't wake up until 9.40 this morning. But we've managed to catch up and I found time to collect our seagull sculpture from near Woodbridge. The Art For Cure event was a huge success and raised £101,300 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer - we're delighted to have made a small contribution to that success and are very pleased with the sculpture.