Monday, 9 December 2013

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

When we took Mum back to Edinburgh last week the city looked like a big Christmas card. It's a lovely place at any time of year but with the huge Christmas market and adorned with hundreds of lights and scores of trees it was particularly appealing.

Being up in St Andrews means that our house in Framlingham will be looking very unfestive at the moment. We usually enter into the Christmas spirit with gusto (at least Marion does) and by now the home is normally brimming with lights and the other paraphernalia of the season. We'll have some catching up to do when we're back on Thursday to bring it back to Marion's exacting standards but I'm sure that it will look very Christmasy by this time next week - by which time we'll be getting ready to head back to Scotland for the big day itself.

Rose and Melody went to see Father Christmas in Dundee at the weekend. Last year Rose queued to see him but when it got to her turn she took fright and went back to her mum and dad but this time she sat alongside him and had a chat although she didn't tell me what they spoke about.

Yesterday Sarah and Duncan were putting up their tree and decorations so we went round to help. There was no mistaking the excitement on Rose's face as she did her bit and then, prompted by the new, festive, look of the house, burst into a chorus of "Happy Birthday".

I'll finish today with a photo for my mum. I forgot that I had taken this one.