Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Four Generations Together

My mum joined us here in St Andrews on Sunday. We invited her up north to spend a couple of nights in the Old Course Hotel and give her the chance to meet her latest great granddaughter, Melody,  for the first time. 

We took her for afternoon tea at Rufflets Hotel just outside town. The spread was enormous. Rose chose this lot although, I hasten to add, she didn't eat it all. 

In fact the hotel provided so much that we took this lot home with us.

Melody is growing fast and Mum was very happy to meet her.

And Rose loved playing with her and showing off her talents at jigsaw puzzles.

Mum will be 88 in a couple of weeks. She's doing very well. If I get down on the floor to play with the grandchildren it takes me half an hour to get back up again. We're taking her back to  Edinburgh today to catch the train back home. We hope that she's had a good time. We enjoyed having her here.