Friday, 13 December 2013

Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

Andy Warhol famously said "In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes".  And whilst we haven't exactly had world fame we've had our moments of glory; most noticeably our 1988 episode of Treasure Hunt which has been shown around the world and is still available to watch on YouTube and, not forgetting of course, my ten minutes with Lars Tharp on The Antiques Roadshow.

Earlier this week it was Marion's turn in the spotlight as the latest edition of Ideal Home magazine hit the newsstands and there was a nice photo of her in the ensuite bathroom. After spending twelve months doing up the house our interior designer Jemima suggested to a journalist friend that they might want to run a feature. We were surprised that they chose the smallest room in the scheme to run with but it's a good photo.

And last night we hoped that it would be son Paul's chance to be in the limelight as A League Of Their Own, the show that he created for Sky was nominated in the British Comedy Awards. Like all proud parents we were glued to the set hoping the prize would go to him and his colleagues but, alas, they were pipped by the excellent (but obviously not as good) Would I Lie To You. After the disappointment we spent the rest of the evening looking out for him in the audience. He had a good seat and we spotted him plenty of times.

Behind Paul Whitehouse.

Getting out of Jack Whitehall's way to the stage.

And standing to applaud our favourites from Moving On. 

Never mind son. We're certain that we'll see you up on the podium one day.