Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Back Home

Phew. The longest stay away from home that we can remember is over and on Saturday afternoon we finally drove back into Framlingham after five wonderful weeks in Scotland.

I struggled to open the door due to the huge mound of post behind it but it gave way with a push and we were back. Everything was pretty much as we left it. The double glazing must work extremely well as there was no dust at all. It felt a bit strange as we haven't lived here for very long and we found it quite difficult getting back into the flow of things and even found ourselves forgetting things like which drawers we kept stuff in (I know, I'm 60 now, this sort of thing is to be expected).

We had a great last few days at the big house and we'll miss Rose and her mummy and daddy terribly after being near to them for such a long time. Rose loved playing in the upstairs playroom of the house with Marion. 

The big shop that I wrote about didn't go to waste and on our final evening at the house we put everything that was left into a fabulous chicken and chorizo bake leaving only a few bits and pieces to take back to the caravan with us.

The sun has shone down on us since we've been back and we've had some beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the last few days. Peter Sugar of Cutting Hedge did a good job in keeping on top of things in the garden so we didn't return to a mess although there were more weeds than his time allowed him to remove so we've had a pretty back breaking couple of days getting on top of them - I'm glad to say that we've got rid of them all now and everything is returning to order.

The gardener kept on top of the watering during the dry spells and the robot mower did its job too so the lawn looks very lush and green. Although you don't get the stripes associated with traditional lawnmowers I do feel that the grass looks healthier than our old lawn ever did with a rotary mower.

And here's the reason for our five weeks in Scotland - little Melody born on 14th September. She's a lovely baby - not so little either as she has been feeding very well and putting on weight by the day. We'll miss seeing her but the beauty of owning the caravan means that it won't be too long before we're back in St Andrews and seeing how she is progressing - can't wait.