Thursday, 3 October 2013

And Then There Were Four (And two wee ones)

The party is now just a memory. Our friends left on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning and I drove Paul, Josephine and Catherine to Edinburgh for the long train journey back to Rochester late on Monday morning. We had had a great weekend and I loved having everyone together.

That left us with just Sarah and Duncan and kids to rattle around in Craigengar , the big house in the country, that we had hired for the event. It's an interesting building. It could sleep fourteen or fifteen quite comfortably.

The centrepiece and hub of the house is the large open plan lounge and kitchen which is very comfortably fitted out and has a great sense of space and light.

Another major benefit of the house is its location. It is only forty minutes drive from the centre of Edinburgh but is very much in the country with views of wide open space in all directions.

It's way down a track behind that clump of trees.

Perfect for taking little ones for a ride in their push chair.

We've had a fairly lazy few days. Sarah and family went to a nearby farm heritage centre on Tuesday while Marion and I went and had a look at a local outlet village and bought a few clothes. Yesterday we drove into Edinburgh and had a look around the fabulous museum. Today we're having a quiet day at the house before we pack up and head back to St Andrews and then back to Framlingham on Saturday.

We've eaten well. Rose made a pizza all on her own.

And so did I.

It's been five weeks since we left Suffolk and headed up to Scotland. It's been an eventful five weeks - September 2013 was certainly a month that we'll never forget.