Thursday, 8 March 2012

St Andrews Musings

I decided to take a drive around the farms just outside St Andrews today to see if I could get permission to have a look around some fields with my metal detector. With the sun peeking out from behind the clouds there were some magnificent views of the city from the neighbouring hillsides. It really is a beautiful spot. I didn't have to drive for too long as the first farmer I visited was very welcoming and said that I could come and have a wander around his fields at the weekend. It's so good to be able to drive five minutes from the caravan to the detecting site - I usually have to drive well over an hour from Southport.

Whilst on the subject of metal detecting, I've mentioned it before but have you seen the Aviva ad with Paul Whitehouse? In case you haven't, here it is.

It has caused quite a stir on the metal detecting forums as some detectorists are offended by Whitehouse's depiction of them as geeky nerds or nerdy geeks. These comments are then followed by a lengthy discourse on how Whitehouse has set the detector up wrongly, is not using the right discrimination settings, is holding the detector too high and is swinging it too fast. Others complain that the particular model he's using doesn't make that sound. Geeky nerds? Never.

The moon over the caravan site was fabulous last night. It's a pity that I only had the phone to photograph it.  Marion watched her favourite TV show 'One Born Every Minute'. She insists on watching it every week and spends half the show in tears. I read a great and very accurate review of it today by Dinah Hatch you can read it here. 

We managed to see our very own baby - our little granddaughter Rose - again today. Her adventurous weaning continued with a lunch of home made bread followed by spinach and pepper frittata and a dessert of freshly baked banana muffin. It's a big change from the pureed carrot that we gave her mum.