Sunday, 18 March 2012

My Mum The Model (86)

To say I was, to use an ugly word, gobsmacked when I turned to page 55 of this month's edition of Which? magazine would be an understatement. For there staring out at me beneath an article advising on how to negotiate cheaper car insurance was a photo of my eighty six year old mother. (Sorry to say it Mum but I'm not sure that you or I would have too much scope to reduce our car insurance with our driving skills). I've never read Which? before but, with lots of home improvements in the pipeline, we subscribed to it for a trial to check out new kitchens and bathrooms etc.

I did a double take and sure enough it was definitely Mum. I remember her telling us about our Spanish niece Vicky's photographer boyfriend Aaron and how he's taken a few photos of my family in his studio and how he'd sold some stock photos via the internet. And I'd seen some of the photos posted on Vicky's Facebook page but it was still a big surprise to see her in a high circulation magazine. A model at 86 eh? It just shows that you're never too old to start something new.

As it was Mother's day today, our page 52 girl came round with Marion's Mum and we had a glass of fizz to celebrate. Sadly Flo was not very well today; she hasn't been eating properly this week and as well as feeling weak and debilitated she was worried because she had lost her wedding ring. We  managed to find it for her when we took her back to her care home and I hope that the relief of getting it back will make her feel a bit better and help her to get her appetite back.

We were able to sit in the garden for a while and it's always exciting to see frog spawn in the pond as it means that, hopefully, we've seen the last of the winter. It looks like the heron I wrote about a few weeks ago has finished off all the fish over the winter but at least the frogs and newts remain.

And speaking of amphibians, how do you wind up a frog?