Sunday, 11 March 2012

Feeling Lucky

We went for a bike ride this morning and it made me appreciate how lucky we are to have been able to retire while still in our fifties and to be healthy enough to enjoy days like today in the beautiful surroundings of St Andrews (and soon in Suffolk too). It was a warm spring day as we chose the downhill route from the caravan site into the little city and along the harbour by the glorious East Sands where it was pleasant enough for some families to settle down on the beach and build a few sandcastles. We imagined bringing Rose down there one day to do the same.

We then headed to the West Sands which were a hive of activity with all manner of recreations underway. With a brisk breeze it was perfect for Sand Yachting (if not for cycling) and the yachters were flying across the sands at a hell of a pace. There were also kite surfers out and about as well as the usual plethora of walkers and runners plus an isolated angler.

I didn't spot anyone with a metal detector on the beach (although I have seen a few there in the past). I went out with my detector yesterday and found a few interesting bits and pieces - nothing of any great age or note. This item is a bit of a puzzle. It is complete. Any ideas what it might have been used for? I would love to know what it might be - answers in the comments below please.

The weather forecast is for more of the same tomorrow so we're planning another ride. This time it's a long one down to Tentsmuir Forest. It's a haven for wildlife but wildlife was closer to home today when we went to Duncan and Sarah's for lunch. Duncan has spent lots of time renovating a big pond in the garden and recently filled it with fish. Unfortunately the new fish didn't go unnoticed by the locals and  Duncan looked out of the window during lunch to see this magnificent creature having a fair old paddle. It was so brazen that when Duncan scared it off it merely sauntered to the neighbours' roof and looked greedily at the remaining goldfish with a look that said 'just wait until you go out'. Having the same experience with our pond in Southport I suspect that it's a pond keeper's occupational (and expensive) hazard.


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