Sunday, 13 November 2011

Things We Learnt Last Week

We spent the last week in our lovely caravan at Craigtoun Meadows in St Andrews and, whilst it is great that Caravan Connect have extended their WIFI coverage to reach our section of the site,we've realised that  it's hardly high speed internet and I gave up on blogging out of exasperation. I had enough time to make a meal - and eat it - waiting for a single page to download. All credit to Caravan Connect, at least I can send and receive emails, but I am afraid that I won't be doing much blogging from St Andrews (is that a sigh of relief I hear from my loyal band of followers?).

With the nights drawing in we watched a bit more TV than we did on our last Scottish visit. When we were kids in the late 1960's Marion and I used to think that Simon and Garfunkel were brilliant musicians. And do you know what? The excellent documentary The Harmony Game on BBC showed that we were dead right. Whilst a lot of 60's music now sounds dated and amateurish, the duo's lilting harmonies sound just as good today as they did then.

Another discovery for us was Tom Hollander's Rev on BBC2. How on earth did we miss the first series? Well I know exactly how we missed it - we watched episode one of the series and didn't think much of it. We should have stuck with it and listened to the crescendo of critical appraisal as the series continued as, if the first episode of series 2 is anything to go by, the BBC has got another timeless classic on its hands. Tom Hollander as the mild and self deprecating vicar of the title is a master of understatement and his performance is both gently comic and brilliantly observed. With a very strong supporting cast including another two fine actors in Olivia Colman and Steve Evets this is top notch whimsy with a tougher edge than the comparable Jam & Jerusalem.

Here's our TV highlight of the week. Our super daughter in law Josephine got two credits for her fabulous new show Sorority Girls. But which is better? Producer or Developer? There's only one way to find out