Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Countdown To Sorority Girls

Regular readers of this blog (yes they do exist - hello Mum), will be aware that our son and daughter in law both work in developing TV shows. Every time a new one hits our screens we get nervous for them hoping that the show will be a smash hit and nobody will write anything nasty about it on the internet ( fat chance - see yesterday's blog about Trip Advisor). Anyway this time it's Josephine in the limelight. Fresh from her success with the lovely Holding Out For A Hero, her new baby Sorority Girls launches next Tuesday on E4 at 9pm. As an ex sorority girl herself, Josephine came up with the idea of introducing the concept to British students, went on to develop the format and then spent the last few months working flat out on bringing it to our screens. She deserves a massive success having put 100% into the project and, as you can see from the trailer at the end of today's blog, it looks like being great entertainment. We'll be having our usual little party at home to celebrate and a joint Holding Out For A Hero and Sorority Girls do is arranged for early December, the first date that our friends can make it. Can't wait. In the meantime we've got it set on series link on the Sky and Freeview boxes at home and in the caravan.

We're up in St Andrews at the moment and spending some time with our daughter Sarah and our granddaughter Rose who is now almost four months old. On Halloween she was wearing this fabulous outfit that Paul and Josephine bought her and today we took her to Edinburgh on the train. She was absolutely perfect.

When we got back to the super Old Course Hotel we were tired and had a soak in the enormous bath with a couple of glasses and, to add to the romance, Sunday's Archers Omnibus on podcast - the joys of growing old.

I'll leave you with that trailer.

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