Sunday, 20 November 2011

Attempting A Return To Normality

With Marion's mum Flo now living in a care home we have a little peace of mind. We know that we won't be getting panic calls from her neighbours saying that she has been wandering around the corridors of her flats in her nightclothes at five in the morning or attempting to catch a bus to town when the shops have closed. But that doesn't make things easier. Her well-being is a constant worry and it's not a case of out of sight out of mind as we need to know that she is happy in her new place. We went to see her yesterday and helped her to write her Christmas cards but she struggled to remember who some of the people in her address book were. Today she is going to come and watch Liverpool play Chelsea on TV. This is something that she would have loved a couple of months ago but I suspect that she won't show any interest and, as for the 3D specs, we won't even think about going there. I worry that within a couple of months she may not know who we are and the care home will have to be changed for an EMI establishment. She won't know much about it but it won't be a pleasant experience.

On Friday we found time to meet up with Peter Eglin an old friend from our working days. Peter used to run one of our dealerships in Blackburn and then went on to be a successful sales executive with one of the country's leading catering equipment manufacturers. Like us, he took early retirement, although, unlike us, he was tragically unable to share it with his wife Christine who passed away far too young. Having read my blog about my childhood experiences with dogs, Peter kindly left his German Shepherd Ben at home. I don't dislike our canine friends but I am a bit scared of them (especially big ones). We met at The Mulberry Tree at Wrightington which both of us had somehow confused for the nearby Wiggin Tree. However, it was a good mistake to make as the food, from a ridiculously extensive menu was quite spectacularly fine. And with two courses on offer for £12.95 it was tremendous value for money. Decor and atmosphere don't quite match the exceptional standard of the food but we were in good company and had a very enjoyable couple of hours. We hope to catch up with Peter again next year.

For us to go a week without a trip to the cinema is unusual. For three weeks to pass has been unheard of for some time. So we plan to remedy this with a trip to FACT in Liverpool on Wednesday to see George Clooney's political oeuvre The Ides Of March and the critically acclaimed Australian Serial Killer movie Snowtown. We had hoped to cram in Wuthering Heights as well but we just couldn't get that in without hanging around for over four hours and hope we will catch it another time. 

Before then we've got more appointments with Flo. Tomorrow we're taking her to Ormskirk to see an eye specialist. She's not seeing too well at the moment and she thinks that the specialist will be able to put things right but I have a horrible feeling that it's all linked to her memory problems and there won't be a great deal that they can do. After that we've got to help the care home to draw up a care plan for her. It really is a very caring place and they will do their best to meet her needs.

I haven't been doing much gambling at all this year but I can never resist having a bet on X Factor. Last year I got it wrong and lost nearly £900 on Cher (although she has been the most successful of the contestants) but this year is looking a bit better with a potential win of £252 if either Marcus or Little Mix win against a loss of about £55 if they don't. Marion and I picked these two out a few weeks ago (I think Marcus will win, Marion likes the girls) and we managed to back them at over 10. I think they both stand a good chance so we won't trade the bets and hope one of them will pay for a couple of Christmas presents. 

Great to see another two minutes of prime time devoted to our daughter in law Josephine's creation Sorority Girls on Harry Hill last night. Keep it up Harry and it will become cult viewing.