Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Wash Out

While we’ve been reading about a heat wave in the South East we’ve been experiencing waves of an entirely different nature here in St Andrews on the large puddles starting to develop throughout the caravan site. The rain has been incessant for over twelve hours now. At least it has been a test of the caravan’s water proofing and it’s a credit to the site’s drainage that we are not completely surrounded by water by now. I suspect that we’ll be hearing about floods in the area when we watch the news later. Hard luck for anyone who has come to experience a once in a lifetime round of golf on one of the famous courses here as I can’t see any of the links being open in this.

We’re not bothered though. We offered to do a little baby-sitting this morning to let Sarah get a couple of hours sleep. She hasn’t had a lot of sleep as Rose is still wanting to be fed throughout the night. We kept the baby amused for an hour but her hard working mum didn’t want to take up our offer of a well-earned lie in and we came back for a late breakfast. Mind you, I don’t blame her as the baby is totally adorable. She doesn’t cry much and is changing every time we see her. Buying the caravan has given us this wonderful opportunity and it’s already proving to be an excellent decision.

The only things I miss are the Internet connection and the Sky Plus. I know that this makes me sound a bit of a saddo but I’m so used to logging on to get information like film times, directions to places and finding on what’s on it’s really noticeable when it’s not there. As for the Sky Plus, we watched a film on Five last night and it was on for almost three hours. I reckon if we had recorded it with the Sky Plus we could have watched it in two. I’ve never seen so many adverts.

I hope that the skies are empty by tomorrow as we should be taking delivery of the bikes. I’ve been studying the maps and found a couple of routes that look scenic and should be relatively easy to cycle. I’m really looking forward to getting some exercise and we should be able to gauge our fitness by timing how long it takes us to do the  long uphill journey back here from the town centre. We had a walk around last night and St Andrews is looking very pretty. This display of flowers outside the church is very impressive.