Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Surprise Surprise

It's raining.

But that's still not stopping us from enjoying our break here in St Andrews. OK so it has curtailed some of our planned activities including a cycle ride to the Peat Inn, which is recognised as Scotland's best restaurant, for lunch but it has not stopped us from the main purpose of our visit, seeing Sarah, Duncan and Rose. We've been here for two weeks now and we've had perhaps eight days when it has rained from dawn to dusk. I just feel a little sorry for the families for whom this is a main summer break.

Anyway we've got a busy day today. We're taking Sarah for lunch at the Fairmont Hotel which is on a headland just south of St Andrews with great sea views, or perhaps great sea mist views today. It has easy access for the pram and as a bonus we get a discount as Sarah is a member of their leisure club. After that we are off to the pictures for the first time in over two weeks.

We're going to see Super 8. With JJ Abrams and Spielberg on the credits I'm sure we'll be in for an entertaining evening. I think that the critics have mostly given it a thumbs up. I'll let you know what we think.

No cinema for three weeks and no metal detecting for a similar period has given me withdrawal symptoms. Looking forward to getting back into both. 

Oh well, better get back to the caravan now. I've been sitting here in the car by the reception (which is the site wifi hotspot) for long enough now. I was thinking that the Prius could do with a wash the other day but every cloud has a silver lining and God's car wash has done a pretty good job.

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