Friday, 19 August 2011

Apes And Air Shows

We managed to get to the cinema on Wednesday night. No longer with an Orange Wednesday free ticket unfortunately as Orange appear to have sussed out that we were only using the phone for one text a week and the free tickets have dried up. I reckon it would be cheaper for us to start reusing the phone as the savings will outweigh the call charges. Anyway it was great to see Vue packed out that night. "The In Betweeners" was opening and there was a huge queue half an hour before it started. Our choice "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes" was also sold out and we couldn't get the usual VIP seats (I have to say that I didn't really notice much difference).  The film was very entertaining and the apes were reasonably convincing (especially the gorilla and orangutan), at least enough for you not to be spending all your time thinking they looked all wrong. It charts the story before "The Planet Of The Apes" and is set in San Francisco where a young scientist (James Franco)  is developing a super drug aimed at curing Alzheimer's. The lab are using chimpanzees to test the results and Franco's character becomes attached to a baby chimp. Things go wrong (of course) and the chain of events leads to a cataclysmic finale set on Golden Gate bridge. It was great to see David Oyelowo of "Peep Show" fame landing a leading Holywood role although it was difficult not to see him as the smooth Johnson. The film moves with pace and there are some huge action scenes which are very well suited to the big screen so I recommend catching it in the cinema rather than waiting for release on DVD.

Sad as it is to see the end of our free cinema tickets there are plenty more special offers around. None was more evident than the voucher in today's Daily Mail. As a Guardian reader one is supposed to look down on the Mail and its outrageous views but I am not too proud to look a gift horse in the mouth and when Tesco announced over the tannoy that there was a £5  Tesco voucher in the paper, there was a stampede to the newsstand in the store. We managed to get our copy before they disappeared as fast as a pair of trainers from JD Sports and we got a fiver off our shopping (you had to spend £40). Some customers were clearly cashing in as the trolley above (with three copies of the paper) testifies.

I've just booked tickets for the Leuchars Air Show on 10th September. Instead of going to the show (which, being Scotland's largest, attracts massive crowds) we've booked to go to viewing deck at The Duke's which is the golf course next to the caravan site. Its the highest point in the area so we should get a good view of the displays.They are putting on a barbeque and, being run by the wonderful Old Course, it's bound to be great quality. I wonder how Rose will enjoy it (she'll probably be asleep).

It's some time since I linked to any YouTube videos on the blog (probably due to getting out of the habit with no internet connection in Scotland) but there are some great ones in the top twenty sent to me by Unruly Media this week. It takes some doing to get a film into the top twenty but to get two into the top five must have the advertisers for STA Travel Australia wetting themselves with excitement. Not undeserved mind you as both are pretty original. Have a look.

If only the advertisers had released the two virals over a longer period they would have perhaps got even more brand awareness.

Did you see the channel four documentary "Concrete Circus" this week about urban athletes? You know, the ones who do extreme skateboarding, mountain biking and parkour. The documentary makers set out to create new films that would become viral sensations. I was a bit disappointed with the results and only found one of the resulting videos entertaining. It featured extreme mountain biking Scot Danny Macaskill. Sure enough only one of them features in the top twenty. Here he is. Marion and I might have a go at this on our new bikes.