Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Isn't She Lovely?

Our New Granddaughter
With her proud mum.

You'll have to forgive my self indulgence today as it's not every day that one becomes a grandfather for the first time. I was woken by a received message on my mobile at 6.15 this morning. I didn't have my glasses on and mistook it for a wayward tweet, rolled over and went back to sleep. When I woke again at 7.15 I looked at the message again with my specs on and realised it was from Sarah's partner Duncan. It read "at ninewells 8cm ". "Where's Ninewells?" I asked Marion. "And what's 8cm?". Marion who sat bolt upright upon hearing that the message was from Duncan said "she's about to have the baby". I immediately phoned Duncan who told me that our granddaughter had just arrived in the world at around 7.00 am weighing 7lbs 4oz.

We were overwhelmed with emotion. It was such a surprise as the baby was not expected until 13th July and we had no inkling that things had started to move yesterday afternoon - they did not want a false alarm and had not mentioned that Sarah's waters had broken as she did not start contractions until the small hours of this morning.

We had to change plans to travel to Lichfield and instead headed up to St Andrews as soon as Marion had finished a long standing hair appointment (we're going to a wedding on Saturday) and I had been to Liverpool to collect my mum from the airport (it was too late to make alternative plans). We were desperate to arrive before visiting time ended at 8pm and just made it although we would have been better prepared if we had asked which ward she was on (not realising that Dundee is a very big hospital with three or four maternity wards).

A Happy Granddad

And a proud Grandma,Grannie Nanna or Nannie - (not yet decided)

So, all in all, a very hectic day but one that we won't forget in a hurry. We're back off home in the morning to give the new family some breathing space but I'm sure that we'll be returning to St Andrews in the very near future.