Sunday, 31 July 2011

Getting there.

Just as the blog was building up a steady number of daily hits I found myself Internet less in the caravan. I've been on to the wifi providers, Caravan Connect, and it seems that they are going to put a new hot spot near to our caravan soon so maybe it will be up and running next time we are here in St Andrews. For now I have to sit outside the cafe with a cup of coffee as the signal is great here and the connection is nice and fast. Fortunately the weather is good too although I do feel a little conspicuous. 

Before long we will be able to take real advantage of the caravan. Sarah's partner Duncan came yesterday and helped me to put up the bike store. Or perhaps I should say that Sarah's partner Duncan came yesterday and put up the bike store for me while I watched admiringly. It's a super and sturdy construction, it looks good and it doesn't take up a lot of space.

After that we went to Dundee and bought two bikes. There are scores of bike stores in the area. I sounded out a couple with what we wanted. One seemed uninterested whilst the other, Nicholsons of Dundee could not have been more helpful. So, despite being thirty minutes further away, we went there and found them highly knowledgeable and as helpful as they had been on the phone. We chose two hybrid bikes and they are being set up for us tomorrow and delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday. We also bought all the extras like locks, helmets (despite Marion's objection that it will ruin her hair - I'd rather her hair was ruined than her head), mudguards, lights and a puncture repair kit. It came to a fairly tidy sum and it just goes to show the importance of showing an interest in enquiries and treat all approaches as a potential sale.

After the bikes it was a trip to a retail park for for bits and pieces - a radio, some cushions, loo brushes and a few nick nacks to make the place look more lived in and now we are pretty much ready to go. The only thing remaining on the wish list is a PVR (a digital TV recorder). They only had a couple in Dundee and I would like a bit more choice before forking out so I will do some research on the net before buying one.  

This afternoon we are having our first break from settling in and we are off to the St Andrews Highland Games. Looking forward to it. Will let you know how it goes.