Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Almost There

It's a sign that we're getting old when we are excited about the news that the caravan will be ready next week. What happened to kite boarding in the Caribbean or climbing Kilimanjaro? In honesty it's not something that we ever thought we'd do but the animal instinct of wanting to be near family is a powerful one and wild horses couldn't keep us away from our new granddaughter (and her mum and dad of course). So on Wednesday we'll be packing the car to the roof again and heading up the motorway to St Andrews and hopefully this time we'll be there for a couple of weeks. It will probably take that long to unload the car and set everything up.

Today we're off to Liverpool for more stuff that we've ordered from John Lewis (duvet covers etc) and then I've got to order a Protect-A-Cycle storage unit like this for our bikes and then I've got to order some bikes to go in it. I think we've done a pretty thorough job of fitting the caravan out and if any friends every borrow it they should have everything they need. No satellite dish allowed unfortunately so there'll be no Sky Plus whenever we're there. We thought that we might bring one of the boxes with us when we visit and watch some of the stuff we've recorded and haven't got around to viewing.

I'll be taking the metal detector with me to avoid withdrawal symptoms and I'm looking forward to finding a few friendly Scottish farmers who might let me have a look around their fields. The rules in Scotland are different and I have to report everything I find to the local museum which is no problem and will hopefully add to the local history records. I'l let you know how we get on.

I was on an exercise bike at the gym when Murdoch was attacked by the idiot with the custard pie so I saw it happen on one of the multitude of screens dotted around the place. The Murdochs must have been delighted to have been turned from villains to victims in just a couple of seconds. I was also following the events on Twitter and it struck me that many thousands of people were tweeting during the proceedings. On the assumption that they weren't all on holiday I wonder how many man hours were effectively fiddled from employers as productivity in the white collar world ground to a halt for an entire afternoon.

We're off to FACT again this afternoon. It is Orange Wednesday of course although it seems that Orange may have twigged to the fact that we only use the Orange phone once a week to text for tickets and none have come today. Maybe they are overloaded with Harry Potter fans. We were going to watch Cell 211 but maybe we'll try this instead.