Monday, 4 April 2011

Looking Forward to Source Code

It's been a busy week for us on the cinema front with "The Eagle" on Wednesday, "Submarine" on Friday and today we're off to see "Source Code". It's got the highest average score I've seen from the Guardian's summary of the critics for some time so the chances are that it will be entertaining. I thought that "Submarine" was an excellent depiction of first love and teen angst and had a great performance from Yasmin Paige as lovelorn Oliver's pyromaniac girlfriend. It's a very stylistic and cinematic film with plenty of nods toward classics such as "Don't Look Now" and the very gentle and subtle humour reminded me a lot of Bill Forsyth's "Gregory's Girl" and "Local Hero". If I had to sum it up in one word, that word would be "nice". I know that might make film lovers cringe but there's nothing wrong with the occasional nice film once in a while. It's a pity that it didn't get wider release as our screening at FACT on Friday afternoon was quite busy despite having been playing there for well over a week.

Hopefully before we go to the cinema today we will see the end of the saga of the John Lewis bedroom curtains. For those who have not read this blog before, it's a long story but we ordered some curtains in September and after long delays they were finally fitted in late February but the custom made curtain poles were the wrong size and had to be patched up with copper tubes to enable us to use the bedroom. I spared John Lewis' blushes by failing to blog two weeks ago when their excellent fitter Peter returned to finish the job only to sheepishly tell us that the brand new custom made poles were also the wrong size. It's cost John Lewis a fair sum in fitters' time and extremely expensive poles that are no use to anybody but our main complaint was in the poor handling of the initial delays. After the second cock up they have been a little more apologetic but, apart from the fitter who is really nice, the service has not been what you would expect from a company with John Lewis' reputation.

For a break from cinema, tomorrow we are off to see Noel Coward's "Blithe Spirit" at the Apollo in London. Unlike "Source Code"the average score in the Guardian's critics round up for this was very low and the show received pretty dire reviews. This is surprising as, with such a strong cast, we expected it to be a big hit. Well at least we bought the tickets before we saw the criticism and you never know, we may disagree with it, I've spoken to a few people who loved the new "Phantom of the Opera" show that the reviewers hated.

It's time to start thinking about how to vote on the AV referendum. I've tried to get my head around the proposal but I'm worried that it's a charter to encourage mediocrity. Just think if they had used AV in other important events like X Factor we could have seen a situation where Wagner, that old Brazilian bloke with the pony tail, could have won because everyone put him as a second choice and less than 50% voted for Matt. If the plan is to keep single member constituencies then surely the winner has to be the one who polls the most votes within each constituency whether he or she hits 50% or not.

I'm fascinated by all the fuss about Wayne Rooney's four letter outburst at the TV cameras at the weekend. Anybody who watches football on a regular basis will know that foul language is endemic in the sport and if you listen to the crowds' chants while you watch it on screen you will hear far worse than  Wayne's comments every week being shouted at full volume by twenty thousand people. Its one of the reasons that I'm giving up on the game. I'm not a prude but it's really not very pleasant.

Off now as the John Lewis man has arrived. I'll leave you with a new UFO sighting from YouTube.