Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Grannie Training

Marion was in trainee grannie mode today as our ex-colleague Nat and her seven month old daughter Isabella visited us. Nat brought round a super baby bath and bouncing chair plus loads of clothes that Isabella and her sister Olivia have grown out of and we were delighted to buy the lot for Sarah's baby who is due in July. We don't know what sex our new grandchild will be so Nat restricted the clothes to those in neutral colours. I want to be green rather than cheap in buying second hand clothes and these are barely worn and in some cases still in the original packaging. It means that we can now spend more on other stuff for the baby as there is a hell of a long list facing all new mums nowadays.

If Sarah's baby is anywhere near as good as 'Bella, it will be wonderful for her.The baby was here for almost four hours and was nothing but smiles and chuckles apart from when she had a well earned nap. Nat (who is camera shy hence the absence of a photo on here), is a brilliant, loving and natural young mother whose children are a credit to her. The cocky,streetwise and savvy teenager I interviewed for her first job on leaving school around five or six years ago is now just a distant memory.

It's Wednesday which means just one thing - our regular Orange Wednesday trip to the cinema. There's not much we fancy in the latest releases so we've got the opportunity to see Unknown which has been out since 4th March and is still running at the local VUE. It's one of those films that we always thought we'd go to but every week there was something we wanted to see a bit more and amazingly, as it has been here for six weeks, now we've got the chance. Mind you, having seen the trailer so many times I think I've got a pretty good idea of 90% of the plot although I'm sure that there will be a pretty significant twist that we don't know about.

It would be a right miserable sod who complained about the weather that we are having. So call me a right miserable sod. I've arranged another day out with the metal detector for tomorrow. My brother Pete is coming along with a couple of blokes I met on an internet forum (no, not like that). We've got some interesting fields to search but the problem is that, with the lack of rain for the last few weeks, the ground is going to be rock hard so if we do happen to strike it lucky and find some decent signals it's going to be a hell of a job finding out what they are. Oh well I suppose it's a lot better than getting ourselves frozen and soaked. I'll let you know how we get on.

When the babies grow up they will hopefully be looking to go to university. Lincoln looks like it has potential.