Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The God Of War Was On His Horse

There's bound to be no end of puns to accompany the release of Kenneth Branagh's Thor, our choice of Orange Wednesday viewing this week, so I'll get my groan quota in now with a little rhyme that I remember reading in Marion's Manchester University Rag Mag circa 1974.

The God of War was on his horse
She was a dashing filly
"I'm Thor" he cried
The horse replied
"You forgot your thaddle, thilly" 

Which just goes to show that student humour was not quite so sophisticated forty years ago. We're looking forward to it.

I went to the dentist fully expecting the extraction of my badly damaged tooth. I didn't go to my regular practice as, in an emergency, I would have been expected to wait until someone was available (last time I gave up after two hours). I went instead to 10Dental who I found advertised on the Internet. I got an appointment inside two hours, was seen promptly by a young and seemingly very competent young dentist who told me that the tooth was not beyond salvation although it would cost over £370 to get it capped. I've said I will think about it but in the meantime he has fitted a temporary filing that should see me right for a few weeks while I make my mind up. I thought that was good value at just under £50. Our own dentist (NHS) retired last year and Marion's first visit to his replacement was a painful experience and my own was not exactly pleasant so perhaps we should be looking for a permanent change.

5@50 at the Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre was a pleasant afternoon out. The theatre is a wonderful building and their productions are always innovative, using the the theatre in the round setting in very imaginative ways. The shop sells some excellent locally made glass, ceramics and jewellery and the restaurant is OK with some very friendly staff. As for the play?Sadly the critics were not wrong and, although the idea of focusing on a group of women worked well in Desperate Housewives and Sex In The City I didn't enjoy it as none of the characters was particularly likable and all had problems of one sort or another so it appeared that each was only really interested in their self and I'm afraid that I was interested in none of them. 

We've got Marion's mum Flo with us for the next three days. She's having her flat decorated so she's coming round to keep out of the decorator's way and then going home again in the evenings. We've got the Royal Wedding for her to watch on Friday (I wonder if it's on in 3D) and we've planned a garden centre visit for Wednesday. I'm sure we'll find something for Thursday. Hopefully the decorator will finish on plan and she can be enjoying her spruced up pad by friday evening.

I'll leave you today with the official trailer for Thor.