Friday, 4 March 2011

Nescafe Product Placement - An Ad Man's Dream

I have to admit that, despite having worked for over twenty years in the beverage making industry, I had never heard of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine until this week. It seems that Nescafe paid £100,000 to place the product in the background on ITV's Good Morning - a show that is probably watched by a million or so people. On the face of it that looks pretty expensive for something that is simply part of the on-set furniture. But hang on a minute. I never watch Good Morning and yet I now know all about the Dolce Gusto and you, on reading this blog, know about it too. As the first to pay for product placement advertising on British television Nescafe have managed something of a coup as the product has appeared in numerous newspapers and countless TV and radio bulletins (many of them stating that the placement was a bit of a flop) thereby making it possibly one of the most economical advertising strategies ever.Future placements will not be so newsworthy so this was indeed a one off.Hats off to the genius who booked it.

Taking advantage of versatility provided by the wonderful situation that is retirement, we're off to see the new Matt Damon film The Adjustment Bureau this afternoon. Not only is it cheaper in the daytime but there are more parking spaces and everything is just more relaxing. It will be good to see a film that I have read no reviews for yet as the reviewers can sometimes jaundice one's opinion. I did catch sight of three stars in this morning's Guardian. I'll let you know how we found it.

It's the biggest game of the season at Anfield on Sunday and, as a season ticket holder, I should be getting excited about it. But, faced with the choice between:-

1) An hour's travel each way,lousy and extortionately priced catering,having to stand up for the whole ninety minutes due to some weird and totally unconvincing Kop belief that standing is better,my ears being attacked by constant foul mouthed abuse aimed at United and their fans,missing some of the action because of said standing and worrying that the car will still be in one piece when I get back to it (the one parked next to me at the Stoke game had two smashed windows despite the presence of the youth who took £2 and claimed that he"minded yer car for yer mate" -he obviously must have minded mine only).


2) No travel. A comfy seat in the lounge perhaps with a glass of wine. The match in 3D and HD. Action replays when I miss anything.

There's obviously no contest - clearly I'll be off to Anfield :-(

To be honest I would not have considered missing a game like this in the past but there is something about football that leaves me cold at the moment. Sod it, I've just re-read that on checking the blog for errors and I've convinced myself to go for option two.

And if I don't go to Anfield I'll have plenty of time for other things that I could be doing.

Like tidying the book case.